18 March 2024

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Interfaith Ramadan Iftar Dinner at NOICA

Interfaith Ramadan Iftar Dinner at NOICA

We were thrilled to host a heartwarming  🌙
Friends from diverse backgrounds gathered at our cultural center to break bread and celebrate the spirit of Ramadan together. It was a beautiful evening filled with joy, laughter, and unity. 🥳❤️
Events like these showcase the power of coming together, fostering understanding, and building bridges across different faiths and cultures. At NOICA, we believe in promoting dialogue, respect, and harmony among all members of our community. 🤝💖
A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for this special occasion, contributing to its success and making it a memorable experience for all! 🙏✨
Let’s continue spreading love, acceptance, and unity in our community! 💫