Weekend School

Why Weekend School? SERVING THE COMMUNITY Weekend School was serving the community in education since 2004 with the support of previously Turkish American Society foundation. Our Weekend School fill this gap and meet the needs of the parents by offering culture and language classes.

BEING INVOLVED The parents enjoy watching the students as they perform on the national and religious days. Being involved in these kinds of activities, helps our children to understand and learn our cultural values better. SPEAKING NATIVE LANGUAGE We strongly believe that even those children are away from their homeland, they can speak their native language and grow up without being assimilated.

EXPRESSING THEMSELVES They learn their own values they will be able to overcome all the social problems, express themselves in the society and be a role model by conducting their values to the next generation.

Great Start at NOICA Weekend School

NOICA Saturday School started 2022-2023 season. We wish our students success and thank our teachers.