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Abrahamic Traditions Dinner – May 2, 2024

You are cordially invited to join us for a heartfelt dinner, celebrating the spirit of togetherness and unity within the Abrahamic traditions. This evening promises to be a beautiful convergence […]

Harmony Under One Roof: NOICA Volunteers and Sheffield Lake Community Unite for a Heartwarming Iftar Dinner

NOICA volunteers and Sheffield Lake Community members came together for a memorable Iftar dinner at Joyce E. Hanks Sheffield Lake Community Center . It was a wonderful evening of sharing […]

Intrafaith Community Iftar Dinner at NOICA

We’re grateful to have hosted over 120 Muslim brothers and sisters for a memorable iftar dinner at NOICA! Huge thanks to our dedicated volunteers who made this event possible, and […]

Embracing Unity: A Heartwarming Iftar at West Park United Church of Christ

NOICA volunteers were privileged to join the wonderful West Park United Church of Christ community for a beautiful iftar gathering. It was a heartwarming experience filled with delicious food, meaningful […]

Ramadan Iftar Dinner at the Federated Church Explores the Relationship Between Fasting and Self-Ego

Cleveland’s intercultural dialogue association NOICA continues its Ramadan Iftar Dinners. At the iftar held at the Federated Church in Cleveland, participants were informed about the relationship between fasting and the […]

Celebrating Community Unity: A Vibrant Iftar Dinner at Mayfield Heights Community Center

We are delighted to share the joyous experience of our recent Iftar dinner held at the heart of our community, the Mayfield Heights Community Center. With the spirit of togetherness […]

Interfaith Ramadan Iftar Dinner at NOICA

We were thrilled to host a heartwarming   Friends from diverse backgrounds gathered at our cultural center to break bread and celebrate the spirit of Ramadan together. It was a […]

A Heartwarming Ramadan Iftar Dinner Celebrates Unity and Diversity in Saint Paschal Baylon Church

We marked a beautiful moment of unity and fellowship as we gathered Saint Paschal Baylon, Ohio for our Ramadan Iftar Dinner, joined by our Christian and Muslim friends. It was […]